TensorGrip – L24 High Performance Veneer Adhesive 22 Litres

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  • Lacquer resistant.
  • Good heat resistance.
  • Non-chlorinated adhesive.
  • Portable systems.
SKU: 150-1012-2


TensorGrip® L24 High Performance Veneer Adhesive has a fine spray for permanent bonding of veneers where immediate bond strength, water and lacquer resistance along with a high heat resistance are required.

Product Code                                                     150-1019

Canister Size                                                        22 Litres

Bonded Square Meter Coverage                  80m²

Application Type                                               2 Sided

Open Time                                                          Up to 30 Minutes

Flash Off Time                                                    2-3 Minutes

Colour                                                                   Clear

Suitable For                                                        Paperback Veneer, Natural Veneer, Plywood and Standard Laminate

Available in 110 Litre canisters.  Please get in touch for a quotation.