Chaco Guide Blocks – 30°+4° Stenner

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CHACO Low Friction Material, a plastic moulding compound, was introduced in the 50’s and since then continuously improved to hold its superior qualities that made it the leading gliding and guiding material in connection with saw guides for band and circular saws throughout the world. The most important characteristics for this application are: Extremely slow wear, low coefficient of friction, temperature rise at blade neglectable, self-lubrication, temperature resistance up to 150 °C (302 °F), good compatibility to (Diesel) oil, water, ice, as well as to light acids and bases. Tailor-made guiding elements and pressure guides for any type of table saw, resaw and bandsaw, made of the CHACO Low Friction Material.

SKU: 107-1009

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Dimensions51 × 12.7 × 230.5 mm