70mm x L165mm Mandrex SuperXcut TCT Extra Deep Hole Saw


The fastest Hole Saw with unique carbide tooth set for clean and high performance cutting. Easily 10 times the lifetime compared to Bi-metal Hole Saws. Carbide tipped teeth are made of a specially developed construction grade carbide, resulting in outstanding cutting performance and product durability.

Hole Size 70mm Dia.

SKU: MHM30070B
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70mm x L165mm MandreX SuperXcut TCT Extra Deep Holesaw inc adapter

– 5 times faster and 10 times the lifetime compared to any competitive Hole Saw
– Cutting depth 165mm (6-1/2″) for extra deep drilling!
– Large clearance of chips thanks to the specially designed wide slots
– Smooth cutting with minimal heat build-up
– Suitable for use in electric and battery powered tools

Needs to be used in conjunction with Conventional arbor and pilot